Loch Ness Monster found…..in New York!

Loch Ness Monster found in New York

A mysterious creature floating in the waters of a Brooklyn nature reserve has caused passers-by to do a double-take in recent weeks.

But it’s not the mythical Scottish beast, the Loch Ness Monster – it’s the creation of US sculptor, Cameron Gainer which is at the Salt Marsh Nature Preserve and is one of 40 temporary art installations in parks and playgrounds in New York’s five boroughs.

Mr Gainer said the work was inspired by the pose of the iconic ‘surgeon’s photograph’ of Nessie taken in April 1934 at the Scottish loch, taken by Robert Wilson . That photo at least was later revealed as a hoax.

Passers-by think the 600-pound, 12-foot by 12-foot fiberglass, aluminum and foam replica of the mythical monster is real – if only for a moment.

The Parks Department commissioned Nessie and other works for ‘Art in the Parks,’ the 40th anniversary celebration of its public art program.

Gainer’s sculpture is modeled after the plesiosaur, a long-necked, aquatic reptile that became extinct, ‘It looks good,’ said John Fritz, a local resident. ‘The artist did a very good job. I was even expecting it to move. The only thing giving it away is its stillness.’

‘Nessie’ will be on view in New York until December 15, when it moves to Florida.

There has been to date no comment from Nessie herself on how she feels about this likeness.

Nessie in New York

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