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One Destination Inverness Loch Ness

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

It’s not like other cities! It’s not big, it’s not congested, it’s not dirty, crime rate is very low and the quality of life is high.

It is an oasis in the Highlands of Scotland, surrounded by hills and heather moors, it is clean, it is friendly, it’s easy to get to by rail, road and air, it has history and it has culture. If you haven’t already guessed which city I am referring to, of course it has to be the city of Inverness, jewel of the Highlands.

Inverness is a lovely place to visit, it has some unique features and a fascinating history and of course, you have heard about Loch Ness, well yes, it is only eight miles or so from the city centre. Amazing to think such an iconic loch being so close!  And virtually everyone who visits Inverness will, at some point, take a trip to Loch Ness and vice versa. It is easy, if you are fit enough, to just hire a bike and cycle out to Dores at the northern end of the Loch, or hire a car and do a circuit, it’s an easy day out. If you want to avoid driving on the single track roads and be taken, there are plenty of tours from Inverness. Hikers can now walk the entire length of the loch on either side as there are now official trails down both the north and south side, with campsites as well, for overnighting.

Night life and shopping is good in Inverness, so whatever your preference, town or country, you will find it here, and the best place to see all about it, is on the website –

Be seeing you !

Visitors at the popular  Clansman Centre

What is this TBID?

Friday, March 21st, 2014

You might, if you are a friend or fan of Visit Loch Ness, have seen some postings recently on our social media pages about a TBID. It means nothing to you, right? You come to Loch Ness for holidays, to admire the scenery, do a bit of walking, bird-watching, possibly bike some of the local trails and so on. So why would this TBID stuff be of interest to you? By the way, it means Tourism Business Improvement District – so now perhaps, you can guess how it might affect you and the quality of your Loch Ness experience.  No?   Let me tell you.

This new organisation is an expansion of our present Visit Loch Ness area, which will now include some Inverness businesses and even Inverness airport is part of it.  It means that we will be bigger and bigger which means more funding will be available for improving the visitor facilities, creating a greener and more environmentally friendly tourist destination. We have, until now, been just Loch Ness, and Inverness has been just Inverness but now we are one place not two!  Just like the Lake District, all the different lakes and villages have become a single collective district.  I guess, living down south you always thought of Loch Ness and Inverness as being the same place anyway, so now we are!

Will you see any changes?  Well yes – over the next five years, we will be doing all sorts of good stuff around the Loch, improving picnic sites, upgrading trails, creating slipways and jetties,  all to make access easier and more fun for visitors and locals alike. But, even with all the money in the world, we will never do anything to harm the environment around here – apart from everything else, we know why you come here – you come here to get away from the hurly burly of city life to enjoy quality time in the country with you family and friends. We do promise to make sure it gets better for you and for us, as locals, around Loch Ness and just to reinforce that we are all of a similar ilk, there are more Green Tourism Businesses around Loch Ness, per head of population, than anywhere else on the planet! Well, at least anywhere else in Britain !

Our latest member business to “Go Green” is Loch Ness Shores Camping and Caravan park, also stopover for canoeists on the Great Glen Canoe Trail.  Think about a Staycation this year come and join us for a break at Loch Ness then tell us about your experience. You will find a great variety of accommodation on our website –

Green Tourism Gold award fo rLoch Ness Shores Camping

Top Award for Member Photographer Margaret Soraya

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013


Well Done! Destination Loch Ness member Margaret Soraya who recently won a top photography award with her fantastic landscape image of Loch Ness.

Margaret Soraya of Soraya Photography has won Landscape Photographer of the year 2013/14 from the leading international professional body, the Master Photographers Association.

The competition attracted thousands of entries from top photographers worldwide with over 390 pictures selected for the MPA’s annual exhibition, competing for honours in over 30 fields of expertise and excellence.

Margaret received her award from the MPA’s guest of honour, the legendary fashion photographer John Swannell at an awards ceremony in Birmingham.

Margaret has also recently embarked on a winter long project of photographing Loch Ness every day with the aim of showing the beauty and atmosphere as well as daily activities and businesses surrounding the Loch.

You can follow this project on her blog at

Any businesses wishing to become involved can contact Margaret at


Loch Ness Landscape photography by Margaret Soraya